Koty Maywhort is the Youth Pastor at The Sanctuary in Orange County, CA.

Koty was born and raised in Southern California. As a youngster, he was buried in the lifestyle of surf and rock 'n roll. Coming from a broken home caused Koty at an early age to develop depression, insecurity, and fear beyond his control. All this led him to submit to the chains of substance abuse and complete brokenness.

After years of battling and doubting, Koty was radically saved after an extreme experience with Christ’s love and power. At the age of 15, he was made a new person and made the decision to give his heart and life to Jesus Christ.

Now as the Youth Pastor of Gravity Youth Ministries, the very same ministry where he encountered Jesus, Koty shares his story as an example of hope and truth to reach today’s generation of young people. Combined with powerhouse preaching, humor, and love, Koty is determined to make a difference. He believes in an uprising of youth that will shake their world for the purpose of Heaven. His main desire is to help lead the way towards seeing the mission of the Gospel fulfill its purpose on Earth.

Pastor Koty has shared his story on the reality TV series, The Uprising, along with a guest appearance on the reality TV show, Preachers of LA. He has also had various opportunities to encourage young people across the country.

Pastor Koty and his wife, Andrea, currently reside in Orange County.


phone: 714.893.7437

instagram: @kotymaywhort
twitter: @koty_m
facebook: /kmaywhort

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