“Just as the Son of Man came not to be waited on but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many.” - Jesus (Matthew 20:28)

We meet quarterly at 9:00am in our Legacy Auditorium. Childcare is provided at no cost.

Meeting Dates for 2018:

Saturday, June 23rd
Saturday, September 22nd
Saturday, December 15th


“Speaking life into men about identity. Teaching and living as a Son.” 
-Bobby Kelly

“Men’s ministry is FELLOWSHIP, where iron sharpens iron and men get together to share testimonies. It’s EQUIPPING, where we come to learn the word of God. It’s LOVE, where men can experience the love of God. This is what’s men’s ministry is all about.”
-Ray Aguirre

“Sons of God is a Team of Men with a desire to seek and ignite the Word of God within our spirit and build tools needed in order to advance the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.”
-Abner Aponte

“Unlocking your gift from God, igniting our Father's strength within us. Are you the full man, brother, father, or husband God has planned for your life? As a man of God, learn what God's expectations are for you.”
-Brett Dahl

“It’s time for us men to be who God created us to be . . . the world's tired of seeing the men of God struggling with things JESUS died on our behalf to set us free from . . . the world's waiting to see what we’re gonna do, and our families are depending on us to lead them.”
-Aaron Murray

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