Today’s youth can be today’s leaders by the example they set and the life they live, a generation that will influence a nation and eventually become future international captains of the faith. The vision and calling is clear: to reach and influence the next generation in Jesus Christ which is a purpose to be pursued. We believe here at Gravity that the rising youth will be an influence in today’s church like it has never been before.

With a generation of youth living life to its extremes, they will begin to grow in their passion and intensity for the ways of Jesus Christ. The church will begin to see and experience the power of God through this generation. They will no longer be despised but together as one they will rise to their fullest potential in the Kingdom of God.

The Spirit of God will not be hindered, for they will stand with confidence in God’s Word, remain passionate in prayer, and never give up. The power will become contagious and the party won’t stop, as young people choose to worship in Spirit and truth. 

PreService Schedule

Thursday Skateboard Session @ 6:30pm (experienced & inexperienced)

Thursday PreService Party @ 6:30pm (friendships, sports, music)

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Royal & Chosen.


JR HIGH - every sunday in room 203 @ 11AM
(legacy auditorium)

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