Youth Camp 2024

Sanctuary Youth Camp

4 Days and 3 Nights | July 19th - 22nd

PROCLAIM Sanctuary Youth Camp 2024 is about bringing the next generation together to stand for the truth of the gospel! In a culture that seeks to diminish the power and truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ, this camp is meant to gather together our youth to proclaim:

I believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ

Jesus IS my Lord and Savior

I will live a life dedicated to being a disciple of Jesus Christ

Romans 1:16 “For I am not ashamed of this Good News about Christ. It is the power of God at work, saving everyone who believes—the Jew first and also the Gentile.” 

Pine Valley Bible Conference Center

Our top priority is ensuring the safety of every camper while ensuring they have a fun experience. All campers will be transported exclusively by licensed commercial charter services, utilizing the safest and most reliable transportation available. There are no exceptions to this rule; campers will only ride in vehicles provided by the charter services we employ.

On Friday, July 19th (departure day),we will be on a tight timeline to get to camp. It is important for attendees to be on time to make sure to check-in, hear the camp rules, and load up on the buses to head out. 

On Monday, July 22nd, we will be leaving the camp site to come back at 11am. We expect to arrive back at the Sanctuary Church by 2pm. All attendees need to be picked up by 3pm from the Sanctuary Church. 

Pine Valley Bible Conference Center Website:


Color Wars

Each camp attendee will participate in our Camp Color Wars! The Color Wars are a series of team based fun activities, games, puzzles and more where a lot of community and friendships are built.

Safety and Security

Once again with safety being our top priority, it is very important that each camper reviews and agrees to follow Sanctuary Youth Camp’s rules/guidelines as well as the campstes’ rules. Any camper not following rules will get one warning, any following violations will result in a parent/guardian needing to pick up the camper from the campsite.

The following are zero tolerated offenses and will result in immediate pick up from camp:

  • Drugs and/or alcohol
  • Weapons and/or violent behavior
  • Fighting

All meals are provided for at the camp location. Campers will have dinner upon arrival, have breakfast, lunch, and dinner Saturday and Sunday, and will have breakfast Monday.

‍Campers may bring snacks with them but please keep to a minimum and have them stored on airtight containers/bags to keep pests out of the cabins. .

‍Please let us know in the registration of specific allergies that your child may have.


Each camper will be assigned into a dorm where they are placed by gender and age. Junior High girls placed with junior high girls, junior high boys with junior high boys, etc. Each dorm will be facilitated by two dorm leads dorm rooms sleep 12 total beds. Dorm leads are volunteers who currently serve on the Sanctuary Youth Ministry team or are specially interviewed and selected volunteers that all have been background checked and trained to serve at Sanctuary Youth Camp. Each volunteer/lead has been trained by our Sanctuary Youth CORE Team and Youth Director prior to being accepted/placed to serve at Sactuary Youth Camp.

Registration Fee

Registration Fee for PROCLAIM Sanctuary Youth Camp is an All-Inclusive Experience.

$ 354

What’s included: All 8 meals, Charter Bus Transportation, Lodging, 1 Camp T-Shirt

Try Our Pay in 3 Option


3 Payments of $118


PROCLAIM Sanctuary Youth Camp 2024 is going to be a power packed weekend that we want everyone to be able to experience! We are limited on scholarships that we can give. Please fill out the form below if you are in need of a scholarship, and a member of our team will be reaching out to you as soon as possible with follow up questions.

Sponsorships / Giving
Many of our students need help getting to camp. If you feel lead to be a blessing each camp sponsorship is $354 per student however if you feel lead to give another amount you can change the amount in the link. Thank you for giving towards the next generation; blessings to you!
Camp Volunteers

We love our Camp Volunteers! They partner with the Sanctuary Youth Ministry Team to ensure campers have a fun and safe experience. Camp Volunteers assist in chaperoning throughout the entirety of Sanctuary Youth Summer Camp by monitoring Dorms, escorting campers to and from locations, assisting in set up and tear down of Color Wars, and various areas throughout the camp experience. Ready to make a difference this summer?

Camp Behavioral Contract
  1. Stay Together: always stay with the group and stick with the camp schedule. There are times on schedule for “free time” where is time to relax or play some games, but there is no “sneaking off” to be away from the group.
  2. Rule of Three: similar to ‘Stay Together’. If for whatever reason you may need to go where the group is not present (to use the restroom, or grab something from your cabin) make sure you are in a group of 3 people. Let an adult leader know and get permission before going, and come back to rejoin the group. This is about safety, you are not safe if our leaders do not know where you are.
  3. No abusive or foul language: This includes all “four-letter words,” name-calling, or inappropriate speech.
  4. No smoking, alcohol, drugs or weapons at camp.
  5. After curfew, campers must stay in their cabins.
  6. Cabin Leaders are your guardians while you are at camp. What they say goes.
  7. Keep all body parts to yourself: Including but not limited to hitting, shoving, pinching, groping, scratching, biting, etc.